Computer Forensics Liverpool

At Computer Forensics Liverpool. we conduct computer forensics and mobile phone forensics to recover deleted data across the UK, we hold recognised qualifications with a degree in Computer Science you can res assured the work is conducted to  court prosecution level.

In addition to this, we also monitor computer systems and mobile phones for a wide range of activities. This includes the misuse of computers at workplace and tracking activities of cheating/unfaithful partners. We will secure your phones and computers to prevent hacking and identity and data theft

Computer forensics Liverpool

Computer Forensic services Liverpool. specialise in all computer forensics tasks including collecting detailed information from any laptop, PC or data memory device (USB or SD Card).. Such evidence can greatly support all kinds of investigation activities.

We make use of specialist hardware and software which has been developed specifically for analysing IT information, emails, deleted data, file transfers, keyboard activity, and connections. For those who require assistance for computer forensics investigation, we have a professional forensics team that can offer reliable and accurate assistance.

We discreetly monitor computer systems offering unprecedented intelligence. This means that we are capable of capturing every activity- websites visited, keystrokes tracking and so on.

Phone forensics Liverpool

We have the technology and expertise to retrieve all kinds of deleted data including old text messages in your phones. This could be very helpful when you’re trying to track the past activity of your partner (sending and receiving of messages). You will be able to read past conversations easily and find out the truth in a matter of seconds.

There has been a dramatic increase in international mobile phone calling in the recent years. As a result of easy access and increasing usage, it is inevitable to get links and clues to people’s locations, actions and intentions. This has given rise to the need for mobile phone forensics.

Mobile phone bugging Liverpool

Monitoring of mobile phone activity can be a fairly simple and quick process. If the operator is suitably skilled, your password may not be enough to protect your phone and data. In case you are suspicious of a person accessing your phone to monitor your conversations or activities. You can contact us for our professional phone forensics Liverpool and debugging services Liverpool.

Typically, the data that is retrieved from the mobile phones includes text messages, contact list, call logs, emails, and location information. By remotely monitoring a mobile phone, we can capture the phone location, emails and text messages.

We are able to offer you the best way of secure communications or should you require, we are also able to monitor or forensically examine a wide range of devices. Call us for free professional consultancy.

To learn more about how we can help you or to engage our services, please contact us at: Click here

Securing your data – Cyber (IT) security Liverpool

Not only do we know how to recover deleted data, monitor activity on a computer or mobile phone. We are IT security consultants and will help you protect your data network. We have the skill sets to conduct ethical hacking, we provide this with several clients around Europe. Our company offers a comprehensive range of cyber and IT security related services to help organisations and individuals protect their valuable assets. Our areas of consulting include penetration testing, web application vulnerability assessment, protecting the cyber/IT world from different kind of vulnerabilities and technical counter surveillance.

The vast majority of organisations have established IT security procedures and invested in software and hardware to protect against cyber attacks. This activity is absolutely essential and ideally mitigates the risks that were prevalent when such procedures were introduced. However, the cyber crime threat is continually evolving, making it essential to review these IT security measures on a regular basis. These reviews should be carried out internally, with the support and assistance of external IT security consultants on an regular basis.

At Computer Forensics Liverpool we have a team of IT security specialists who can discuss your requirements and conduct a review of your preventative measures. Following the review, our specialists would discuss their findings and then produce a report with recommendations and potential solutions for identified vulnerabilities.

Fundamentally IT security is the implementation and maintenance of hardware, systems and standard operating procedures to ensure that your commercial enterprise is protected from external or internal influence.

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Computer Forensics Liverpool is a trading name for OPS Services Ltd A registered UK based Company with Companies House, ICO and the Inland revenue. We are a British Company you can trust.

Computer Forensics: Thank you Jamie & John for your professional computer forensic services. After suspecting a member of our sales staff approaching our clients for work. Jamie was instructed to recover deleted email from a computer used by the suspect, also recover data on a USB stick. The evidence gained proved our suspicions were correct.
Computer Forensics Liverpool
Computer Forensics LiverpoolComputer Monitoring services
Mobile Phone Forensics: Please thank Jamie for meeting with me and recovering the deleted text message and images from my partners phone, this proved my suspicions to be right. A difficult time but thank you for your help.
Mobile Phone Forensics Liverpool
Mobile Phone Forensics LiverpoolMobile Phone Forensics
Investigations: Bug Sweeping Services, Covert camera Installs, Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, Surveillance, Tracing people, Tracing assets, Covert GPS tracking.
Private Investigator Liverpool
Private Investigator LiverpoolPrivate Detective Liverpool
Dear John
Thank You For Your Professional Support, Although The Investigation Was Conducted With Covert Cameras, Surveillance And GPS Tracking The Computer Forensic Investigation Gained Us The Best Result Proving Beyond Doubt That Our Employee Was Engaging In Nefarious Activity. Clandestine Meetings With Clients With A View To Set Up His Own Business.
In All A Very Good Job Well Done.
Computer Forensics Liverpool
Computer Forensics Liverpool
John Dudhill: I was John’s commanding officer during his Military service and probably know him better than most, having spent many years with him during covert operations. His role was to install covert cameras and other technical evidence gathering systems to gain evidence on terrorist activities.
John moved with promotion to operate in ###### before heading up the Surveillance & Counter Surveillance Wing at the Land Warfare Centre. Leaving the Military in 2006.
Private Investigator Liverpool conduct a wide range of investigations on our behalf, part of that service is covertly tracing people and tracing assets, the results are accurate and presented in detail. The investigations conducted by john and his team have always professional.
I would be happy to give any references.
Private Investigator Liverpool
Private Investigator LiverpoolPrivate Detective Liverpool
Bug sweep: We recently contracted John to conduct a bug sweep in my house; a neighbour knew things that they should not really know without listening into my private conversations. The listening device was located on my garden fence between me and my neighbour.
John confronted the neighbour which brought an end to the problem.
Bug Sweeping Service. John has worked with our Private Investigations Company since 2006, specialising in Bug Sweeping professional and very responsive.
If there is a covert camera or covert bug to be found, he will find it.
Bug Sweep Liverpool
Bug Sweep LiverpoolBug sweeping services Liverpool
Bug Sweeping Services: John recently located a covert GPS tracker underneath my car, not only did he locate the tracker he also identified the person who had installed it.
Bug Sweep Liverpool
Bug Sweep LiverpoolBug Sweeping Services london
Covert Cameras Installed Into Two Areas Of A Large Factory Site In Tamworth To Capture Continuous Theft, Although On A Small Scale The Theft Was Becoming An Issue And Upsetting Staff Members.
This Was The Second Time That We Had Worked For This Client.
John Again Excellent Work, Good Clear Footage. The Cleaning Company Have Seen The Two Thefts Captured On Your Cameras And Have Suspended The Staff Member And Are Negotiating Compensation For The Thefts.
Covert camera installer Liverpool
Covert camera installer LiverpoolHidden camera installer Liverpool
Covert camera Installer: We recently suspected that our evening staff were not working to the same standard as the daytime staff. Covert cameras were installed into our warehouse covering the manager and the work force. The recorder was reviewed within a couple of weeks. Staff Sleeping, staff working on private projects, staff taking cash for private jobs. The evidence presented to us resulted in all the evening staff losing their jobs.
Covert Camera Installer Liverpool
Covert Camera Installer LiverpoolCovert camera installation

Bug Sweep Liverpool

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Computer Forensics Liverpool


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