At Bug Sweep Liverpool, we are specialists in counter-surveillance techniques (Bug Sweeping) that include identifying and neutralising covert surveillance and eavesdropping devices. We will find all hidden cameras, concealed GPS tracking units and audio recorders and all known GSM bugs.

No matter who has deployed them against you!

Bug Sweep Liverpool will find them.

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Bug Sweep Liverpool (Private Investigators)Utilises advanced Electronic Bug Sweeping equipment to detect the presence of both active and passive surveillance devices, keystroke logging mechanisms and promiscuous monitors. We ensure the review of new developments for updating all our counter surveillance equipment. We understand that our debugging service in Liverpool is an urgent requirement and hence try and respond to our customers on the very same day. We do not want you to go through unnecessary stress and anxiety because of your privacy being invaded. At Bug Sweep Liverpool, we also offer the specialist skill of providing a thorough examination of computers and Mobile phones for any potential sources of intrusive surveillance software and data leaks. This option is offered as part of the Bug Sweep Service Liverpool (TSCM). You may also use this service separately or combined to ensure you are protected from all forms of technical attack.

Why debugging Liverpool is important

In our modern constantly connected world, where surveillance technology is now easily accessible to general public, privacy is rapidly becoming our scarcest commodity. As mentioned earlier, such devices can be installed into your phones, furniture, electrical fittings, computer systems, and part of your home or office furniture compromise privacy and security in your home, vehicle or at your workplace. Bug Sweep Liverpool are leading experts in all forms of technical attack.

Where Bug Sweep detection is concerned. We safely remove such devices and offer our clients complete peace of mind. We have been in the business of Electronic Bug Sweeping for many years and guarantee a professional and discreet bug sweep services from a well-trained professional team.

At Bug Sweep Liverpool we undertake this work for other profession including private investigators, businesses, celebrities, and high net worth clients, as well as those who have reason to believe that they are being put under covert surveillance by known or unknown parties. With the constant advancement in technology, it is possible to easily install very small, hidden devices without being detected.

These devices allow easy access to the victim, allowing the intruding party to monitor all your activities and hear your conversations.

Bug Sweep Liverpool, debugging and Private investigators services conduct work throughout the United Kingdom including main cities like Liverpool,  Sheffield, Birmingham and Manchester. We have the experience and expertise to identify all kinds of electronic intelligence gathering devices or “bugs” which may be fitted in your home, vehicle or workplace and remove them safely.

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Bug Sweep Liverpool is a trading name for OPS Services Ltd A registered UK based Company with Companies House, ICO and the Inland revenue. We are a British Company you can trust.

Bug Sweep Liverpool find covert GPS trackers

Bug Sweep Liverpool Find Covert audio listening devices.

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